Brandt is a witch hunter and head of the guards at the Mather Corporation. He has a hatred for witches and supports the old traditions of the hunters. For this reason, he was loyal to Dr. Nichols.


Brandt warned Dr. Nichols that Fiona requested to see him. He overheard their conversation and was against her ideas to stop burning witches. Nichols told Brandt to proceed as planned and to take care of Fiona if she discovered their plans. When Fiona and Derek found Nichols' files, Brandt attacked them and they fled. Brandt called Nichols, who ordered him to kill them.

Brandt then attacked Derek and Phoebe outside of Derek's apartment. When they fled to the roof, Brandt nearly killed them until Selena interfered. When the witches entered Nichols' facility, he ordered Bradnt to take them out by any means necessary. Brandt and his men cornered the witches and shot Trevor. Piper then froze the hunters. A bitter Selena then attempted to kill Brandt in cold blood, though she was stopped by Paige. Derek reported the incident to the council of hunters, so Brandt and the others would get the justice they deserved.


Season 6
6.09 A House Divided
6.10 Hunt or be Hunted