Dana is a young mortal woman who moved into an apartment haunted by two spirits, one good and one evil. Although scared, she easily accepted the situation, as according to her, a lot of strange things happened in San Francisco.


One of the spirits, Tommy, possessed Dana and sent a letter to Phoebe Halliwell, while the evil spirit tormented her. When Phoebe arrived, she discovered that the evil spirit was Tommy's mother, who had killed her son and herself because she could not accept him for who he was. She wanted to keep Dana trapped so she could make an honest, god-fearing man out of him. However, with help from Phoebe, Tommy was able to banish his mother and find peace. Phoebe later talked to Dana and she promised to keep their secret. She had also decided to move out of her apartment.


Season 5
5.08 Signals Crossed