Derek Grant is an investigative journalist and a new employee at The Bay Mirror. He is also a witch hunter sent to infiltrate the lives of the Charmed Ones.


Shortly after he was hired, Derek ran into Phoebe Halliwell. They talked for a moment, but were soon interrupted by Elise Rothman, who handed Derek his first story. Derek began investigating a few mysterious murders and crossed paths with Darryl Morris. He started following Darryl and arrived at the hospital when the Charmed Ones confronted Mara. After the sisters depowered her, they left and Derek went to get his story. Elise later congratulated him on the Black Widow story. After she left, Derek called an unknown person and told him he was in and would keep tabs.

Derek helped Phoebe after her computer froze up. They proceeded to get some coffee and got to know each other better. Derek implied he wanted to ask her out, and Phoebe told him to take the risk. He later called her and asked her on a date.


Season 6
Main Cast, absent in 6.07 A Changeling is Gonna Come