Elise Rothman is the editor-in-chief of The Bay Mirror and the boss of Phoebe Halliwell. She is divorced and very career-driven, seeing the paper as her baby.


Season 5Edit

With Ask Phoebe slowly becoming a huge success, Elise sent Phoebe to a seminar to learn something, though Phoebe was unimpressed. She was also trying to convince Phoebe to do a photo shoot to promote the column, though Phoebe was reluctant because of the potential exposure it could lead to.

Elise congratulated Phoebe on becoming an aunt and asked if she ever considered having a baby. Unknown to her, this actually brought up painful memories for Phoebe about losing her unborn son.

Elise wanted to see Phoebe to find out if she was alright, as her column was not as inventive as it used to be. When Phoebe told her she was looking to find some excitement, Elise brought up the photo shoot again. This time, Phoebe agreed on the condition that it would be classy. Elise also mentioned she had offered a reward for information on the park massacre.

Season 6Edit

Elise hired Derek Grant as a new investigative journalist and handed him his first story. After he finished the story on the Black Widow, she congratulated him on his good work.

Elise ordered Phoebe to go to a media gala in her place and forced her to go with Derek. Believing them both to be single, Elise believed she was doing Phoebe a favor, as she figured Derek was a catch. She then handed Derek a report on several murders, expecting a good story.


Season 5
5.08 Signals Crossed
5.13 The Name Game
5.18 Calm Before the Storm
Season 6
6.01 Black Widow
6.02 Itsy Bitsy Piper
6.11 Wiccan Ways
6.14 To Bee or Not to Bee