Lumen was a magical witch and the leader of the Radiant Star coven, a position she inherited from her mother. As such, she possessed impressive knowledge about magic and witchcraft.


Lumen was raised as a witch from a young age, though she went through a rebellious stage in her teens. After the death of her mother, Lumen inherited leadership of her coven, though she had preferred to travel and see the world instead. When Samhain attacked members of her coven, she worked with the Charmed Ones to perform a ritual to banish it once more.

Lumen invited the sisters to celebrate the Imbolc with her coven. She later assisted in fighting Lamia, using her light to blind the demon when she nearly killed Phoebe. Lumen and her coven later helped vanquish her minions and then channeling their powers to the sisters, allowing Piper to blow up Lamia.

After Adam returned, the sisters asked Lumen to help them in learning more about magic and their powers. Lumen agreed and trained the sisters in honing their powers by giving each of them an assignment. Lumen and her entire coven were later brutally murdered by Adam, after he assimilated her knowledge.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers

  • Photokinesis: The ability to create and manipulate light. Lumen was able to create decorative lighting, produce bright flashes of light capable of temporarily blinding people and fire concussive blasts of light.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Lumen's story arc was originally a lot different. She would have been a witch with the power to absorb and redirect energy and would use her power to mercy-kill dying people and use their energy to heal others. She would have helped Phoebe master her Psychic Connection/Overload powers by showing her that seemingly "evil" powers could be used for good as well.


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