Seth is a bartender at P3 and acting manager when Piper is not working.


Shortly after Piper hired Seth, Paige was checking him out at the bar. When she asked Phoebe about him, she noted that Paige was barking up the wrong tree. Paige then spotted Seth flirting with a male customer and remarked how her radar was off with everything.

Shortly before Valentine's day, Paige asked Seth to take over managing the club so Piper could go on a date. Seth was excited for the opportunity. The following day, Piper overheard him talking to a delivery guy that the club needed to be over the top and flashy. Piper slowed him down, telling him she did not want P3 to become a strip club. Ultimately, Piper was impressed by what he had done, telling him he could have some more reponsibilities.

Some time later, Piper went to the club to check on Seth as he was managing. When he noticed her talking to Spence, Seth questioned Piper on why she was rejecting his advances, though she told him to get back to work. She later commented he did a good job and agreed to close the club so he could leave.

When Charlie was drinking at P3, Seth recognized him as someone with a broken heart and attempted to flirt with him, despite knowing he was straight. He later offered Derek a drink and went to take out the trash. In the alley, he was attacked by an acolyte. After Derek vanquished the demon, Charlie healed Seth and wiped his memory.


Season 6
6.04 Sinners and Saints
6.08 Crazy in Love
6.12 Charm Like an Egyptian
6.17 Jungle Fever