Trevor Donnelly was a magical witch who had a Familiar dog named Benji.


One night, as Trevor came home, a warlock appeared. However, instead of killing him, she killed his Familiar and left him to die in a fire. Trevor managed to survive by climbing on the fire escape and was admitted to the hospital. There, he informed the Charmed Ones of what happened.

Trevor was one of the witches who joined Selena in her fight against the witch hunters. He mentioned she had saved him from the hunters days earlier. While providing a distraction for the others, he was shot and killed by several hunters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers
  • Light Darts: The ability to throw thin and sharp darts of pure light. Trevor used these darts to attack Kimyra, though she easily avoided them. He also used his darts to incapacitate several hunters.


Season 5
5.09 Familiar Grounds
Season 6
6.10 Hunt or be Hunted