Victor Bennett is the father of the original three Charmed Ones and the ex-husband of their mother, Patty Halliwell.


Victor came to visit the manor after Piper had given birth. Considering his history with Sam and his dislike for Whitelighters in general, this caused some tension for both Leo and Paige. Victor ultimately helped in the fight against the Parasite Demon and finally accepted Leo. He also opened up to Paige and told her he accepted her as part of the family.

While preparing to face Adam, Piper told Leo to take the twins to Victor, as she wanted them to be with a loved one. Once there, Victor demanded to know what was happening and angrily wondered why the sisters always had to be the ones to fight. However, he agreed to take the twins and keep them safe. Victor remained in his apartment, though he witnessed the chaos in the city while taking care of the twins.


Season 5
5.12 Monster Mommy (premonition only)
5.13 The Name Game
5.19 Chaos Theory
5.20 Purgatory Rising